Police Raids on LGBT Venues in Moscow

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Police Raids on LGBT Venues in Moscow

In Moscow, a series of police raids targeted LGBT nightclubs and a men’s sauna, marking a significant escalation in actions against these communities. This operation, reported by Russian media on December 2nd, comes just two days after Russia’s ban on the “international LGBT movement” for extremism. These events are part of an ongoing conservative campaign against LGBT individuals in the country.

Dramatic Nightclub Raid in Moscow

The police action at a popular Moscow nightclub was notably dramatic. Witnesses reported that the music was suddenly stopped, followed by officers searching the premises and photographing identification documents of those present. This incident led to the closure of a renowned gay nightclub.

Reports on Raids by Russian Media

SOTA and Ostorojno Novosti, two Russian news outlets, reported that three clubs and a men’s sauna were the focus of these raids. However, these reports have not been independently verified by Agence France-Presse. In a related development, Central Station, one of Saint Petersburg’s oldest gay clubs, announced its closure in response to the new ban.

Increased Threats to LGBT Community in Russia

Already facing a repressive climate due to a law that prohibits “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual relations,” punishable by fines, the LGBT community in Russia is now confronting the threat of prison sentences under the new ban. This intensifying clampdown reflects Russia’s increasing championing of “traditional” values, contrasting with what it perceives as Western decadence. Over the past decade, under Vladimir Putin’s administration and with the backing of the Orthodox Church, the rights of LGBT individuals in Russia have been severely curtailed.

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