Love Me Lex : LGBTQ+ Web Series

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Love Me Lex : LGBTQ+ Web Series

The eagerly awaited web odyssey, “Love Me Lex,” is poised for its inaugural showcase on the sapphic-centric digital stage, Lesflicks, come the first of September 2023. This brainchild of Sanja Katich, a scribe and helmswoman, unfolds over seven episodes, chronicling the odyssey of Lex, a woman in her forties, as she traverses the intricate labyrinth of lesbian courtship. Brimming with drama, humor, and amorous escapades, the series heralds a fresh portrayal of the 45+ demographic within the LGBTQ+ tapestry.

Financial and Collaborative Backing

Spearheaded financially by Screen Australia, and further fortified by the collaborative efforts of The Sapphic Investment Film Fund and Infinite Pies Productions, “Love Me Lex” was brought to life in Western Australia during 2021. Its narrative has already captivated audiences at various film symposiums, including the WA Made Film Festival and Revelation International Film Festival, earning plaudits for its poignant depiction of affection and companionship.

Unique Alliance in Film Production

This cinematic venture distinguishes itself through its alliance with the Sapphic Investment Film Fund, a synergistic endeavor between Lesflicks and Infinite Pies Productions. This initiative is dedicated to nurturing independent sapphic screen tales, particularly those that illuminate lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary experiences.

Sanja Katich’s Vision and Representation

Sanja Katich, an avowed queer woman with a rich tapestry of experience in penning Australian queer narratives, has infused this series with her passion. Confronting the void in representation for middle-aged women within the LGBTQ+ cinematic realm, Katich has crafted “Love Me Lex” to resonate with a segment often marginalized by the mainstream media.

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Lesflicks : A Platform for LGBTQ+ Stories

The premiere on Lesflicks, a platform conceived and operated by the community it serves, underscores a collective endeavor to magnify LGBTQ+ voices and chronicles. Lesflicks emerged to mend the rift between storytellers and an audience craving genuine sapphic tales. Its mission : to celebrate and democratize access to a kaleidoscope of stories, particularly those steeped in love and romance.

Anticipation and Impact

As the debut looms, both LGBTQ+ communities and their allies are abuzz with anticipation for this trailblazing series. “Love Me Lex” is set to inject a dynamic and much-needed narrative into the LGBTQ+ dialogue, and the excitement to embark on this new sapphic journey is palpable.

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