New Jersey first state to have certified LGBTQ+ owned businesses

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New Jersey first state to have certified LGBTQ+ owned businesses

Cavany Foods : A Culinary Haven in Jersey City

At Cavany Foods on Grand Street in Jersey City, delicious dishes are always on the menu. Owner and chef Alejandro Fummayor brings his culinary passion to life with every meal he prepares. “When I’m cooking, it’s like another level. You forget everything. Stress is out,” Fummayor shared, reflecting his deep love for cooking.

Breaking New Ground with LGBTQ+ Certification

Recently, Fummayor’s restaurant achieved a groundbreaking milestone, becoming the first business in New Jersey to be certified as an LGBTQ+-owned business. This new certification is a significant step for LGBTQ+-owned businesses in the state, providing them with enhanced opportunities for funding, including access to state contracts and grants.

Expanding Horizons for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

With this certification, Fummayor hopes to reach more people and share his culinary creations with a wider audience. The certification not only recognizes the diversity and inclusivity of his business but also opens doors to new possibilities for growth and success in the community.

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