Biden Campaign Kicks Off Pride Month with LGBTQ Support Initiative

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Biden Campaign Kicks Off Pride Month with LGBTQ Support Initiative

Nationwide Campaign Presence

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is launching a significant initiative at the start of National Pride Month to strengthen support from LGBTQ voters. The campaign aims to be present at over 200 Pride events across 23 states, including all the key battleground states. This information was shared exclusively with NBC News by two campaign officials.

Media and Mobilization Efforts

In addition to physical presence at Pride events, the campaign plans to initiate a paid media blitz focused on mobilizing LGBTQ voters. The goal is to ensure a strong turnout and solid support from this community in the upcoming election.

Key Fundraising Event

The month-long outreach effort will culminate with a fundraising event in New York City on June 28. This event is expected to gather significant support and contributions to bolster Biden’s re-election bid.

Concerns Among Allies

Despite these efforts, some of Biden’s allies express concerns about potentially diminishing support among LGBTQ voters. The campaign’s comprehensive Pride Month push aims to address these worries by actively engaging with and rallying the LGBTQ community.

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