Pan-Africanism and LGBT Rights in French-Speaking Africa

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LGBT Rights in French-Speaking Africa

In the diverse and dynamic continent of Africa, a significant movement is taking shape, aiming to address the rights and recognition of LGBT French-speakers. Fierté Afrique Francophone, a network of human rights defenders, is at the forefront of this movement, championing the rights of sexual and gender minorities in the French-speaking regions of Africa.

logo de la fierté afrique francophone

The Emergence of Fierté Afrique Francophone

Born out of the necessity to create a space for French-speaking activists, Fierté Afrique Francophone emerged as a response to the marginalization experienced due to the dominance of English in human rights discourse and activism. The organization has grown into a formidable force, connecting over a hundred organizations across different countries.

The Struggles and Achievements

Despite the challenges, Fierté Afrique Francophone has launched two significant funds aimed at supporting small organizations and victims of gender-based violence. Their advocacy work, rooted in the Eding program, is instrumental in strengthening activists’ understanding of fundamental and universal rights.

The Upcoming Gathering in Ivory Coast

Objectives and Expectations

In November, Ivory Coast will host a pivotal gathering organized by Fierté Afrique Francophone. This meeting aims to consolidate efforts, strategize, and strengthen the push for the rights of LGBT French-speakers in Africa. It is a call to unity, a platform for sharing experiences, and a step towards a more inclusive and equitable continent.

GBT people participating in a group for LGBT rights in French-speaking
two LGBT people participating in a group for LGBT rights in French-speaking Africa

Addressing the Challenges

The gathering comes at a time when the political landscape in Africa is marked by uncertainty, with recent military coups casting a shadow over democratic values. The meeting will serve as a space to evaluate and strategize on navigating these complex political terrains while advancing the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

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The Role of Fierté Afrique Francophone

Funds and Financial Support

The Woubi and Carlos Idibouo funds exemplify the organization’s commitment to providing financial support to grassroots movements and victims of violence. These funds are a testament to the tangible impacts of Fierté Afrique Francophone’s work on the ground.

Advocacy and Legal Challenges

Through the Eding program, the organization is not just a voice but a powerhouse of legal and advocacy expertise. It is instrumental in building strategic legal challenges, reminiscent of the landmark decision in Botswana that decriminalized homosexuality.

The Landscape of LGBT Rights in French-Speaking Africa

The Impact of Military Coups

The coups have introduced an element of uncertainty, but Fierté Afrique Francophone remains steadfast in its commitment to democratic values. The organization is adopting a cautious approach, keenly observing the unfolding political developments.

The Path Forward

The upcoming gathering is not just a meeting but a clarion call to reassess, reevaluate, and re-strategize. It is an opportunity to take stock of the journey, the milestones, and the challenges, and to forge a united front in the quest for rights and recognition.

The Vision for the Future

Building Alliances

The gathering in Ivory Coast is a step towards building stronger alliances, bridging generational gaps, and consolidating the gains made over the years. It is a journey towards a future where rights are not just recognized but are also respected and protected.

Strengthening the Movement

The future of the movement lies in its ability to adapt, innovate, and remain resilient in the face of challenges. The gathering is a platform to ignite the spark of resilience, innovation, and adaptability that will define the future of LGBT rights in French-speaking Africa.

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The journey of Fierté Afrique Francophone is a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and determination. As the gathering in Ivory Coast looms, it presents an opportunity to reflect, reconnect, and reenergize the movement. It is a step towards a future where the rights of LGBT French-speakers in Africa are not just a dream but a lived reality.


  1. What is Fierté Afrique Francophone ?
    • It is a network of human rights defenders advocating for the rights of LGBT French-speakers in Africa.
  2. What are the objectives of the upcoming gathering in Ivory Coast ?
    • To consolidate efforts, share experiences, and strategize on advancing the rights of sexual and gender minorities.
  3. How is Fierté Afrique Francophone addressing the financial needs of grassroots organizations ?
    • Through the Woubi and Carlos Idibouo funds, supporting small organizations and victims of gender-based violence.
  4. What is the impact of the recent military coups on the LGBT movement in Africa ?
    • It has introduced uncertainty, prompting a cautious approach from human rights defenders.
  5. How can read more LGBT Actuality in french ?

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