Papacito Convicted of Homophobia : Fined €5,000

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Papacito Convicted of Homophobia : Fined €5,000

Financial Sanctions and Legal Repercussions for the Videographer

The videographer known by the pseudonym Papacito, real name Ugo Jil-Gimenez, has been fined €5,000 for making homophobic remarks and inciting violence. This decision was made by the Paris Correctional Court on Friday, April 26. Additionally, he is required to pay €4,000 in damages to Christian Eurgal, the mayor of Montjoi, a small town in Tarn-et-Garonne with fewer than 200 residents.

Case Details and Additional Compensations

The dispute centered on two videos broadcast in November 2022 and May 2023, where Papacito was involved in a local conflict regarding a right of way. The court carefully reviewed these videos on February 28, resulting in a conviction for the second video but not the first. Papacito must also compensate three anti-homophobia associations with €1,000 each, following their recognized participation as civil parties in the case.

Video Content and Court Reactions

In the incriminating video, Papacito used extremely offensive terms to criticize a municipal decree, calling homosexuals “deviants” deserving death. These remarks were interpreted by the court as a clear incitement to violence against the mayor. The judgment highlighted Papacito’s indifference to the consequences of his words on individuals who might be influenced.

Consequences and Defense

This case highlighted the impact of Papacito’s statements, particularly in contributing to the hostility encountered by the mayor, who has received death threats. During his trial, Papacito argued for a humorous and exaggerated approach, dismissing criticisms of the form of his remarks rather than their substance. His lawyer, Me Martial Groslambert, considers the court’s decision “measured” and is considering the possibility of an appeal after consulting with his client.

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