Seoul Queer Culture Festival Moves to City Streets Following Denied Permits

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Seoul Queer Culture Festival Denied Permits

Festival Faces Permit Rejection, Adopts Alternative Venue

The Seoul Queer Culture Festival, a prominent annual LGBTQ event in South Korea, is set to unfold in the streets of Seoul this year. This decision comes after the city government denied permission to use four previously requested venues. The denial marks a notable shift from the festival’s traditional location at Seoul Plaza, where it was hosted annually since 2015, barring the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contrast with Regional Progress on LGBTQ Rights

The situation in Seoul stands in stark contrast to advancements in LGBTQ rights seen in other East Asian democracies. For instance, Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage, and Japan offers partnership certificates in several municipalities. Despite these regional strides, Seoul’s city government, led by a conservative mayor and majority, has for the second consecutive year rejected the festival’s application to use the central Seoul Plaza, opting instead to organize an “outdoor library” event during the same period.

City’s Justification Amid Criticism

In defense of its decisions, the city government has rejected any accusations of discrimination, asserting its commitment to listening and supporting the human rights of LGBTQ individuals as integral members of society. However, the replacement of the LGBTQ festival with a Christian youth concert last year and the continuation of the outdoor library have sparked criticism regarding the infringement on civil liberties—a claim the city dismisses as “baseless.”

Festival’s Relocation and Continued Challenges

The main parade of this year’s festival will take place on several downtown blocks, a location approved by the police rather than the city government. The organizers have faced ongoing challenges, including opposition from conservative religious groups and societal reluctance to embrace LGBTQ rights fully. Despite these hurdles, the festival has received significant support from international entities, including the U.S. embassy, which remains actively involved in supporting the event as part of its global human rights initiatives.

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Responses from Potential Venues and Activist Commentary

The Seoul Museum of History also denied a request to host festival-related lectures, citing potential social conflict and disruptions. This denial has been confirmed by both activist sources and a museum official. Local activists, like Heezy Yang, criticize the city’s lack of cooperation and understanding regarding the importance of the event for the LGBTQ community, highlighting a missed opportunity for meaningful engagement and support from municipal authorities.


Seoul Queer Culture Festival Moves to City Streets Following Denied Permits

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