Seoul’s LGBT Community Celebrates Annual Festival Amid Protests

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Seoul LGBT Festival Amid Protests

Festival Faces Venue Challenges and Opposition

The Seoul Queer Culture Festival took place in the South Korean capital on Saturday, overcoming previous difficulties in securing a location and facing protests against the LGBT community’s pride celebrations.

Message of Affirmation and Inclusivity

“Our message to South Korean society at large this year is to affirm LGBTQ people,” stated Yang Sun-woo, the chief organiser of the festival. Despite city authorities denying the organisers’ requests to use four different locations, the event proceeded successfully.

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Determination to Celebrate Pride

Yang emphasized the determination to celebrate pride regardless of obstacles. “We’re going to do it anywhere where we can do pride because the main thing is to convey the message that we’re everywhere,” Yang declared. A counter rally against the festival was held nearby, but the festival continued, underscoring the resilience and visibility of the LGBTQ community.

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