Spain Arrest : 26-Year-Old Promotes 3D-Printed Firearms & Spreads Homophobic HateSpain

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Spain Arrest : 26-Year-Old Promotes 3D-Printed Firearms & Spreads Homophobic HateSpain

On the fateful day of 4th September 2023, in Catalonia (Spain), an apprehension of a 26-year-old gentleman occurred. He had been disseminating manuals elucidating the construction of firearms through 3D printers, targeting individuals based on their ethnic lineage, political allegiance, intimate inclinations, and gender identity.

In Lloret de Mar, situated to the north of Barcelona (Spain), on the same aforementioned day, the individual found himself ensnared by the Mossos d’Esquadra, the distinguished Catalan policing unit, due to his presumed entanglement in heinous illicit endeavors. The 26-year-old’s social media outlets resonated with xenophobic and homophobic diatribes. Furthermore, he disseminated tutorials promoting weaponry fabrication utilizing 3D printing techniques.

The Catalonian constabulary asserted his malevolent aspirations were geared towards individuals from diverse ethnicities, ideologically-driven groups, and the LGBTIQ+ community. These transgressions spanned from 2021 to 2023; however, judicial scrutiny only saw daylight in 2022. Lloret de Mar’s municipality representatives had sounded the alarm, prompted by the theft of a poster from the Department of Equality and the broadcasting of an ostensibly threatening visual material on digital social platforms.

Ultra-right doctrines and Francoist insignias :

As the investigation unraveled, the sleuths pinpointed the culpable party, who craftily maneuvered multiple digital personas to evade detection. His narrative was imbued with hate, voicing threats steeped in LGBTIQ+ phobia, racial animosity, and ideological disdain. During the domicile’s raid, the constables unearthed a carbine-type elongated firearm and ammunition, ultra-right associated manuscripts, a 3D printing device, the purloined plaque from Lloret de Mar’s Department of Equality, and an assortment of emblems reminiscent of the Francoist dictatorial era, inclusive of flags, decals, posters, and banners. Questing for more tangible evidence: “The inquiry remains ongoing, and the likelihood of unearthing further pieces of the puzzle or tangible leads post-examination of the retrieved domiciliary items, coupled with a meticulous perusal of written artifacts underpinning his felonious pursuits, cannot be negated,” emphasized the Mossos in an official proclamation.

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This detainee found himself facing the scales of justice on the subsequent day, 5th September.


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