Student Urges Pope Francis to Cease Anti-LGBT Language

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Student Urges Pope Francis to Cease Anti-LGBT Language

Appeal to Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY, June 20 (Reuters) – On Thursday, a student implored Pope Francis to refrain from using derogatory language towards the LGBT community. The 87-year-old pontiff faced criticism over allegedly using homophobic slurs during private conversations.

Controversial Remarks

Italian media recently reported twice in the past month that Pope Francis used the Italian term “frociaggine,” which roughly translates to “faggotness” or “faggotry,” in reference to priests and the general atmosphere within the Vatican. The Vatican issued a rare apology following the first report, but the incident sparked significant outrage. Vatican observers noted that this episode has tarnished Francis’ reputation as a reformist and LGBT-friendly pope.

Public Address by a Student

During a YouTube-broadcasted panel discussion on “Building Bridges Across Asia Pacific” between university students and the pope, Jack Lorenz Acebedo Rivera addressed the pontiff directly.

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Personal Plea for Change

“Stop using offensive language against the LGBTQIA+ community; this leads to immense pain,” said Acebedo Rivera, a psychology student at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. He shared his personal struggles, stating, “I myself am outcasted and bullied due to my bisexuality, my gayness, my identity, and being a son of a single parent.”

Advocacy for LGBT Rights and Divorce Reform

Wearing a rainbow sash symbolizing LGBT rights, Acebedo Rivera also urged the pope to support efforts to make divorce more accessible in the Philippines.

Pope’s Response

In his reply, Pope Francis spoke strongly against discrimination, particularly focusing on women. However, he did not directly address Acebedo Rivera’s concerns about his alleged use of homophobic language.

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