Success of the LGBT Pride March in Taiwan

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Success of the LGBT Pride March in Taiwan

On the brisk morning of October 28th, tens of thousands swarmed the bustling boulevards of Taipei, brimming with exuberant zest. They championed newly acquired rights, particularly legislation supporting same-gender duos in adoption endeavors. For an extensive epoch, this island has epitomized a beacon for LGBT+ freedoms in mainland Asia. Waving banners drenched in rainbow hues, a formidable throng convened that day for Taiwan’s Pride March, lauded as Asia’s most illustrious. Their journey through the metropolis, Taipei, served to particularly celebrate a legislative decree, enacted in May, granting same-gender pairs the cherished prerogative to co-parent offspring.

According to the event’s stewards, an estimated 176,000 souls participated in this, the 21st Pride March in Taiwan, which in 2019 became the first territory in the region to sanctify same-gender unions. Mingling amidst this human tide, Taiwan’s Vice President, Lai Ching-te, who will also contend for the Progressive Democratic Party in the forthcoming January elections, voiced unwavering allegiance to the LGBT+ community. Addressing the gathering, he declared, “Matrimonial equality isn’t the zenith but heralds the onset of an era of fairness in Taiwan.”

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