Transgender women barred from playing in international women’s cricket

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Transgender women barred from playing in international women’s cricket

ICC Bars Transgender Females from Global Women’s Cricket

In a recent decree from Dubai, the International Cricket Council (ICC) unequivocally stated that transgender females are barred from participating in global women’s cricket competitions. This edict, ratified by the council’s board, seeks to safeguard the sanctity and safety of women’s cricket.

ICC’s Eligibility Criteria for Transgender Athletes

Specifically, individuals who have experienced male puberty but transitioned to female will find themselves ineligible for international women’s cricket matches, as per the ICC’s mandate. This prohibition remains effective, regardless of any undergone gender transition surgeries or therapies.

ICC Chief Executive’s Statement on Gender Eligibility Amendments

The ICC’s chief executive, Geoff Allardice, remarked that these gender eligibility amendments stem from thorough consultations and are anchored in scientific rationale. They adhere to the foundational principles established during the review process. While inclusivity is paramount to the sport, Allardice emphasized the necessity to preserve the integrity and safety of the international women’s game. The ICC intends to reassess these regulations within a two-year window, adapting to the dynamic landscape of the sport.

Autonomy of Member Boards in Domestic Cricket Decisions

Decisions regarding the participation of transgender women in domestic cricket competitions rest with individual member boards, the ICC clarified.

ICC’s Pledge for Equal Remuneration for Female Officials

Additionally, the ICC announced a landmark decision ensuring equal remuneration for female match officials, irrespective of their officiating in men’s or women’s matches.

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