St Louis and LGBTQ Inclusion

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St Louis and LGBTQ Inclusion

St. Louis’ Unparalleled Achievement in LGBTQ Inclusion

A luminous example of LGBTQ inclusion, has remarkably achieved a flawless score of 100 in the Municipal Equality Index (MEI) from the Human Rights Campaign, a tradition unbroken for twelve years. This achievement symbolizes the city’s unwavering devotion to nurturing a space where the LGBTQIA+ community feels embraced.

Mayor’s Strong Stance Against Legislative Challenges to Transgender Rights

In a poignant response to recent legislative challenges, particularly attacks on transgender rights, Mayor Tishaura O. Jones voiced a fierce commitment during the MEI announcement in St. Louis. “In the City of St. Louis, we fight like hell for our families,” she declared, epitomizing the city’s resolute support for the LGBTQIA+ populace.

St. Louis’ Comprehensive Success in MEI Evaluation

St. Louis excels in the MEI’s evaluation of 506 cities, surpassing benchmarks with its anti-discrimination laws, transgender-friendly health benefits, and recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships. The city also gained additional recognition for its LGBTQIA+ leadership representation and active resistance to constrictive state legislations.

Contrasting Report by Clever Real Estate

While St Louis and LGBTQ Inclusion basks in the glow of the Human Rights Campaign’s accolade, a report by Clever Real Estate paints a starkly different picture, ranking the city as the ninth least LGBTQ-friendly nationwide. This report, focused on state-level anti-trans laws and inclusivity in education, contrasts sharply with the MEI’s findings. Yet, many give more weight to the Human Rights Campaign’s evaluation, noting Clever’s narrower scope.

St. Louis’ Ongoing Commitment to LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity

Amidst these contrasting views, St. Louis’ community and advocates continue to rejoice in the city’s persistent pursuit of LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.

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FAQ : Inclusivity, LGBTQ Friendliness, and Support Helpline

How to be inclusive of LGBTQ ?

  1. Dismantling Discriminatory Legislation: True social inclusion involves dismantling laws that criminalize or negatively affect sexual orientation and gender identity or expression​​.
  2. Avoiding Assumptions: Refrain from making assumptions about someone’s LGBTQ status based on appearances or perceptions​​.
  3. Year-round Action for Inclusion: Creating an inclusive culture requires continuous effort and is particularly important in challenging times like during the COVID-19 pandemic​​.
  4. Thoughtful Language Use: Be mindful about the language used regarding the LGBTQ+ community and avoid assuming people’s identities, names, and pronouns​​.
  5. Advocacy and Safety for LGBTQ Youth: Ensure social, emotional, and physical safety for LGBTQ youth, as they often face marginalization​​.

Is Saint Louis LGBTQ friendly ?

  • Pride Festivals: The city hosts multiple LGBT Pride festivals annually, underscoring its inclusive and celebratory attitude towards the LGBTQ community​​.
  • Vibrant Community: St. Louis is known for its vibrant LGBTQIA+ community, with neighborhoods like The Grove being particularly inclusive and diverse​​.

Is Washington University in St. Louis LGBTQ friendly ?

  • Campus Pride Index Rating: Washington University in St. Louis has received top ratings on the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index by Campus Pride, indicating a strong commitment to LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices​​​​.
  • Supportive Student Organizations: The university hosts organizations like Pride Alliance and LGBTQmed, providing inclusive and intersectional spaces for LGBTQIA+ students and addressing LGBTQ+ health and identity issues​​​​.
  • Alumni Engagement: The Washington University Pride Alumni Network (WUpan) promotes the well-being of LGBTQIA students and fosters community among LGBTQIA alumni, faculty, and staff​​.
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What is the phone number for Sqsh (St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline) ?

  • Contact Information:
    • Local: 314-380-7774
    • Toll-Free: 844-785-7774
    • Operational Hours: Friday through Monday, 1:00-7:00 PM CT​​​​.

This helpline provides free, confidential, and identity-affirming emotional support and resource referrals for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community.

More informations :

visit the Pride St. Louis website.

LGBT culture in St. Louis

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