Ugandan LGBT activist in critical condition after stabbing

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Ugandan LGBT activist in critical condition after stabbing

In a distressing development from Kampala, dated January 3, a prominent Ugandan LGBT activist lies in a critical state following a brutal stabbing. The incident casts a shadow over Uganda’s already tumultuous environment for sexual minorities, exacerbated by the enactment of a stringent anti-gay law last year. The activist, Steven Kabuye, suffered a near-fatal attack by unidentified assailants just steps away from his home as he was heading to work in the early hours of the morning. The Colored Voices Media Foundation-Truth to LGBTQ Uganda, a notable organization in the fight for LGBT rights, broke the news on the social media platform X. They also circulated a harrowing video that captures the grim scene: Kabuye writhing in agony, his wrist grievously wounded and a knife protruding alarmingly from his abdomen. Adding to the gravity of the situation, a police spokesperson admitted unawareness of the attack, pledging to initiate an immediate investigation.

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