United Kingdom Shuts Down Websites Selling Gender-Affirming Medications

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United Kingdom Shuts Down Websites Selling Gender-Affirming Medications

Google Ordered to Remove Search Results

The UK government is making gender-affirming healthcare less accessible for transgender individuals by compelling Google to remove regional search results for two pharmaceutical websites selling hormones without requiring a prescription. One of the site operators mentioned that Google was “not obliged” to delist them, but Google stated that the removal was “guided by local legislation.” Consequently, transgender individuals in the UK will now face long waiting lists and high costs to obtain hormones through the government’s National Health Service (NHS).

Impact of the Cass Review on NHS Services

The NHS has scaled back its services for transgender people following the release of the highly biased Cass Review, which dismissed hundreds of studies to recommend against providing gender-affirming care. The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reportedly contacted Google, requesting the removal of search results for the two websites, whose domain names and URLs were not disclosed in news reports. The MHRA stated that the sites were violating the Human Medicines Regulations 2012, a law prohibiting the sale of any “medicinal product from illegal online suppliers,” according to PinkNews.

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