Lesbian Woman Burned in Argentina : ‘They were killed because they were lesbians’

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Lesbian Woman Burned in Argentina : ‘They were killed because they were lesbians’

“They were burned because they were lesbians”: Argentina is in shock after a brutal attack on two couples of women in Buenos Aires. The tragedy occurred when a Molotov cocktail was thrown into their apartment during the night, resulting in the death of three women and leaving a fourth gravely injured. The victims, two aged 52 and another 43, succumbed to their injuries. The survivor, aged 49, was able to provide crucial information to investigators from her hospital bed.

Witnesses Accuse Hostile Neighbor

Testimonies, including those of other residents of the building, pointed to a neighbor who regularly insulted the two couples, calling them “monsters,” “filthy pigs,” and “tortas.” This sixty-year-old man was arrested and taken into custody. Following the announcement of the third death, hundreds of people gathered to express their outrage in the Barracas neighborhood, highlighting a housing crisis and a climate of hateful discourse.

Precarious Housing and a Story of Survival

The fire occurred in a building called “conventillo,” known for being affordable housing frequented by waves of migrants. The victims, Pamela, Mercedes, Andrea, and Sofía, lived by street vending and occupied a modest apartment on the second floor of the building. Andrea Amarante, one of the victims, had already survived the República Cromañón nightclub fire in 2004, another tragic event in Buenos Aires.

Demands for Safe Housing and Official Reactions

A statement from the victims’ collective emphasized that Andrea had never received compensation or psychological support after the Cromañón tragedy. Local authorities have not commented on the lesbophobic nature of the attack, while LGBTI+ groups were the first to denounce this hate crime. The Ministry of Women’s Rights criticized the government for its handling of hate speech.

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A Controversial Government and Questioned Laws

President Javier Milei, recently in power, has taken a controversial stance by eliminating the Ministry of Women’s Rights and opposing inclusive language. His liberal positions do not extend to abortion, which he seeks to restrict contrary to current law.

A Spontaneous Memorial and the Vulnerability of the Victims

At the end of this dark day, candles were lit on an improvised altar in the neighborhood, where a speaker highlighted the double vulnerability of the victims, attacked both because of their sexual orientation and their precarious economic situation.

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