2024 Olympic Games Announces Pride House

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2024 Olympic Games Announces Pride House

The Pride House : A Hub for LGBTI+ Inclusion in Paris 2024

Managed by the Fier-Play Association, the Pride House collaborates with Paris 2024. This space will be both physical and digital. It welcomes LGBTI+ supporters, athletes, and allies. Its design goes beyond a celebratory venue. The aim is to educate on LGBTI+ issues in sports. It also seeks to advocate for decriminalizing homosexuality globally. Additionally, it aims to foster lasting inclusion in sports.

Diverse Formats of Pride Houses for the 2024 Games

The 2024 Games will introduce three types of Pride Houses. Firstly, the Central Pride House will be the main venue for activities. Secondly, Mobile Pride Houses will visit various Paris locations. Finally, a Digital Pride House will be globally accessible. These venues will host sports, festive, cultural, and educational events. They will celebrate LGBTI+ athletes and promote inclusive sports.

Continuing the Legacy of Pride Houses in International Sports

This initiative continues the Pride Houses tradition in sports. This concept started with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics. The Pride House at Paris 2024 sends a strong message. It declares that the Games are open to all. This reflects the Olympic and Paralympic values of non-discrimination.

For a deeper understanding and the latest updates on the Pride House initiative at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games :

visit the official Paris 2024 website. Discover comprehensive details, upcoming events, and the significance of this inclusive movement directly from the source. Click here to learn more : https://www.paris2024.org/en/pride-house/

For more insights and news about LGBT+ sports :

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