MrBeast’s Kris Tyson calls out transphobic gag about ‘Deez Nuts’ branding from Keemstar

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Viral Reaction to Kris Tyson’s Response

Kris Tyson, a notable figure in the MrBeast team, recently stood up against a transphobic joke made about her and the team, sparking significant online discussion.

Kris Tyson’s Transformation Journey

Sharing Hormonal Replacement Therapy Journey

Earlier this year, Kris Tyson revealed her before and after photos post-Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), expressing gratitude for the support from her fans. This marked a significant step in her transformation and journey of self-identification.

Public Announcement

Coming Out and Name Change

In an interview with Anthony Padilla in July, Tyson publicly came out as a woman, announcing her new name and pronouns. This announcement was a pivotal moment in her life, receiving widespread attention and support.

Controversial Joke and Response

Addressing Transphobic Comments

Tyson was compelled to defend herself following a distasteful joke by the Twitter account Drama Alert. The joke insinuated a loss associated with the MrBeast team’s legal issue over the branding of ‘Deez Nutz’ on Feastable bars, inappropriately linking it to Tyson’s transition.

Kris Tyson’s Bold Comeback

Confronting the Offenders

Not letting the derogatory comment go unchallenged, Tyson retorted sharply, showcasing her resilience and unwillingness to tolerate disrespect.

Escalation with Keemstar

Further Confrontations

The situation escalated when content creator Daniel “Keemstar” joined in with a reference to Tyson’s HRT. Tyson addressed his comments and the claim that a trans team member wrote the post for Drama Alert, which Keemstar manages. She emphasized the inappropriateness of discussing someone’s genitals, regardless of their identity.

Update on HRT Progress

Sharing the Positive Outcomes

In the summer, Tyson updated her followers on her HRT progress. She shared a photo showing her 6-month journey, highlighting the physical changes that helped her align her body with her gender identity, including a slimmer facial structure and a new hairstyle.

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Standing Against Transphobia

Kris Tyson’s journey and her response to transphobic comments highlight the ongoing challenges faced by individuals in their personal transformations and the importance of respectful discourse in the public arena.

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