Biden administration allocates $700,000 to sex-ed program for trans boys

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Biden Grant for Transgender Boys

Supporting Transgender Boys : Biden’s Health Education Grant

President Biden’s administration has given $700,000 to a new program. This program aims to prevent pregnancy among transgender boys. It’s a big step for inclusive health education. The Center for Innovative Public Health Research in California will use this grant. They will focus on sex education and condom use for trans boys.

Addressing Unique Health Needs

The program will adapt a text-based intervention for trans boys. It was originally for cisgender female teens. Focus groups will help understand trans boys’ health needs.

Broader Efforts for Transgender Health

This grant is part of Biden’s larger plan for transgender health. For example, in 2022, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital got $1 million to study hormone therapy risks in transgender youth. Biden’s administration is also active in legal support for transgender rights.

Overcoming Controversy

Despite its positive goals, the program faces criticism, especially from conservatives. Some call it too progressive. But Biden remains a strong supporter of transgender rights. His actions and policies show his commitment.


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