YouTuber Kommander Karl tells homophobes to ‘grow up’

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YouTuber Kommander Karl tells homophobes to ‘grow up’

Kommander Karl Confronts Homophobia : Tells homophobes to ‘grow up’

In an audacious rebuff to enraged homophobes, YouTube sensation Karl Schecht, celebrated as Kommander Karl in the gaming world, stood firm after a storm of criticism erupted over his display of his wife’s rainbow-hued art. The unexpected wave of negativity that flooded in following his social media share left Schecht bewildered. His Thursday post (January 18) carried a bold message: he had not anticipated such hostility and clarified his stance as an ally, revealing his wife’s bisexuality. His retort was unapologetic: those troubled by this, he declared, could promptly take their leave. The post sparked a spectrum of responses, ranging from accusations of Schecht’s “wokeness” to comically absurd speculations about the peril of his marriage, given his wife’s sexual orientation.

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