FRANCE : Significant Progress in LGBT+ Inclusion in the Workplace Despite Ongoing Challenges

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French LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace

General Improvement in the Corporate Climate for LGBT+ Individuals

The professional environment is showing clear signs of progress in the inclusion of LGBT+ individuals, as indicated by the recent results of a study. Conducted by L’Autre Cercle and Ifop, and published on April 25, the research highlights a notable decrease in acts of violence and discrimination against LGBT+ employees in their workplaces. The study emphasizes that the corporate climate is “more progressive than ever,” with 70% of employees perceiving their work environment as welcoming towards LGBT+ people. Furthermore, incidents of physical violence have decreased from 14% to 10% over three years, while discrimination related to pay or recruitment has also decreased by two points, to 16% and 15% respectively. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of 90% of employees are in favor of granting parental rights to colleagues who use surrogacy.

Specific Challenges Faced by Transgender and Non-binary Employees

However, the report indicates that conditions remain challenging for transgender and non-binary employees, who face higher levels of violence and discrimination than their LGBT+ colleagues. More than one-third of them have been victims of assaults at their workplace. Catherine Tripon, spokesperson for L’Autre Cercle, commented on the situation, stating: “We have made progress on the issues concerning lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals, but there is still real educational work to be done regarding transgender and non-binary people.”


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