Fribourg : A group of young people convicted of anti-LGBT acts

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Group of young people convicted of anti-LGBT acts

Legal Consequences for Anti-LGBT Actions

In a recent incident in Fribourg, a group of young people faced legal consequences for anti-LGBT actions. This May, five youths, aged 17 to 18, were sanctioned for stealing and burning rainbow flags. The four adults in this group received suspended day-fines through penal orders.

Court Findings and Penalties

The court found these individuals guilty of theft, discrimination based on sexual orientation, and property damage. La Liberté reported this information after reviewing the penal order. The court ordered firm fines and legal costs as part of the punishment.

Severest Penalty and Appeal for Community Service

The individual with the severest penalty received a 90-day fine at 70 francs per day, suspended for two years, and a direct fine of 1000 francs. General prosecutor Fabien Gasser identified him as the instigator of the ‘anti-LGBT’ acts. This individual proposed converting his sentence to community service, as La Liberté queried.

Sentencing of the Minor and Ongoing Cases

Regarding the minor in the group, the court sentenced him to personal service, similar to community service. The cases of the two other 17-year-olds are still in progress. On September 15, the cantonal police reported they had identified all seven suspects involved in the theft and destruction of the flags.

Symbolism of the Rainbow Flags

The City of Fribourg had raised these flags on May 17 to mark the international day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. These flags represented the city’s commitment to diversity and integration, as the local authorities stated.

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Details of the Incident

Specifically, the group stole four flags from Georges-Python square and burned some, later boasting about their actions on social networks. The police’s investigation suggested that peer influence and intoxication likely motivated their actions.

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