Lauren Boebert rages over USA Boxing’s trans policy

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Lauren Boebert rages over USA Boxing’s trans policy

USA Boxing’s New Transgender Policy : Controversy and Misunderstandings

USA Boxing’s recent policy introduction, one of the most rigorous yet concerning transgender athletes’ participation, has sparked controversy despite its goal of enabling trans individuals to compete in their self-identified gender.

Misrepresentation by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

On the last evening of the year, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) took to social media, misconstruing the policy as permitting male athletes to compete against females in boxing. Despite the policy’s actual focus, which does not involve men competing in women’s categories, she labeled it “pathetic and disgusting.” The policy, in reality, imposes significant hurdles for transgender women wishing to compete in women’s events. It mandates that athletes below 18 compete in the gender assigned at birth. For those over 18, participation in their affirmed gender is contingent upon undergoing gender reassignment surgery and meeting rigorous hormone requirements for four years, including quarterly hormone level reporting.

Ebanie Bridges’ Stance Against Transgender Athletes

Boebert wasn’t alone in her misinterpretation. Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges joined in, expressing vehement opposition on social media. In a fervently anti-trans tirade, she asserted it’s already concerning to see trans women setting records in sports like track, swimming, and powerlifting, but it’s another matter when it comes to combat sports aimed at physical harm. She argued that physical changes like surgery do not negate the bodily development undergone before transitioning.

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Jenna Ellis and Collin Rugg’s Criticisms

Jenna Ellis, former senior legal adviser to Donald Trump, voiced a stark opinion, claiming USA Boxing’s policy could lead to female athletes’ endangerment. Similarly, conservative commentator Collin Rugg derided the policy, misrepresenting it as allowing individuals over 18 to choose their competition division freely, branding our times as nonsensical.

Counterarguments to Anti-Trans Viewpoints

Conversely, a notable segment disagrees with these anti-trans viewpoints. Responses to Boebert’s post, for instance, highlighted her apparent lack of understanding of transgender individuals and issues.

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