Latin and Caribbean Catholic Groups Urge Pope to Include LGBTQ+ People in Synod

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Latin and Caribbean Catholic Groups Urge Pope to Include LGBTQ+ People in Synod

Call for Inclusion at the Synod Sixty groups forming an Ibero-American LGBTQ+ Catholic network sent a letter to Pope Francis. They are calling for direct involvement of LGBTQ+ people in the Synod assembly next month, rather than simply considering them as “objects” of discussion. This August letter was issued by the Latin America, Caribbean and Iberian Peninsula members of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, a global alliance.

Direct Representation and Active Participation

While expressing their gratitude for the participation of allies of LGBTQ+ people in the Synod assembly, the groups nevertheless made a direct request to the pope. They feel that they are treated as “objects of study” in the pastoral debate. They want a paradigm shift so that the approach to diversity moves from “object” to “subject”. They ask for direct representation in the instances of dialogue, wishing to participate actively in official spaces, in particular during the future Synod of Bishops.

Protection and Inclusive Training

A second request concerns the protection of LGBTQ+ clergy and the improvement of the training of ministers so that it is more inclusive. They observed that the Holy Spirit inspires good vocations among LGBTIQ+ people. However, these people are often excluded for being honest about their sexual orientation and gender identity. They call for a review of training in seminaries and parishes, as well as an update of terms used in Church documents regarding LGBTIQ+ people.

Gratitude and Hope

The three-page letter acknowledges the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people, such as forced migration or discrimination. Nonetheless, the overall tone is one of gratitude and hope. They wish to inform Pope Francis of the existence and efforts of the Ibero-American LGBTQ+ Catholic network. They conclude by expressing their belief in diversity as a gift from God and their desire for a Church that recognizes and defends their existence.

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