FC Barcelona puts pro-LGBTQ social post on Arabic account

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FC Barcelona puts pro-LGBTQ social post on Arabic account

The Stakes of “El Clasico”

The contest between Real Madrid and Barcelona transcends the boundaries of their iconic “El Clasico” matches, known for their high stakes and political undercurrents within the realm of global football.

Dominance in the Digital Arena

These titans of La Liga not only dominate on the field but also in the realm of social media, boasting the largest followings among sports teams worldwide, far outpacing Manchester United in third place.

Comparison with U.S. Sports Teams

While the Los Angeles Lakers lead among American teams in social media followers, they do not make the top ten globally, showcasing the international reach of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Multilingual Engagement and Divergent Approaches

Despite their widespread appeal, a noticeable difference emerged in their online activities, particularly on Monday. Real and Barca manage numerous accounts across various languages, engaging a global audience.

Acknowledging Important Social Issues

On February 19, Barcelona observed the International Day Against Homophobia in Sport, a date significant in Spanish-speaking countries for about 15 years, celebrating the legacy of Justin Fashanu, the pioneering gay male footballer, on what would have been his 63rd birthday. Fashanu, who disclosed his sexuality to the public, sadly ended his life in 1998.

Barcelona’s Commemorative Actions

Barcelona showcased its commitment to inclusivity by sharing a photo of their facilities adorned with the Progress Pride flag and the club’s emblem, digitally added. The message underscored their dedication to fostering a sporting environment where gender and sexual diversity are embraced freely and equally. This initiative was part of a broader movement within La Liga, with teams like Girona, Real Betis, and Valencia promoting Pride through their platforms.

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Real Madrid’s Silence and Barcelona’s Bold Step

While Real Madrid remained silent on this day, Barcelona extended its advocacy to its Arabic-speaking audience on X, reaching 5.6 million followers, a move that surpassed typical gestures made on such occasions.

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