Mauritius Supreme Court Legalizes Homosexuality

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Mauritius Supreme Court Legalizes Homosexuality

In a Historic Judgment

The Supreme Court of Mauritius has made history by declaring the national ban on intimate relations between same-sex individuals as ‘discriminatory’ and ‘unconstitutional’. This remarkable decision marks the end of an era of injustice and inequality, offering a new dawn of freedom and equality for the LGBT+ community.

Abdool Ridwan Firaas Ah Seek’s Struggle

Abdool, the president of Collectif Arc-en-Ciel, a local LGBT+ organization, with the support of the Human Dignity Trust in London, has courageously challenged the constitutionality of Section 250 of the Mauritian Penal Code. This provision, a painful remnant of the colonial era, criminalized consensual relations between same-sex adults.

Pliny Soocoormanee’s Reaction

Pliny, a gay Mauritian and Executive Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, has warmly welcomed this revolutionary decision. He emphasizes that this victory is not just for Mauritius but also resonates around the world, proving that the criminalization of LGBT+ is an injustice that must be universally abolished.

A Secular and Democratic State

The Supreme Court strongly affirmed that Mauritius is a secular and democratic state, and there is no justifiable reason for the state to interfere in the private lives of LGBT+ individuals. It acknowledges that sexual orientation is natural and innate and puts an end to the unbearable discrimination imposed by Section 250 (1) of the penal code.

A Powerful Message

This legal victory sends a clear and powerful message: equality and respect are inalienable rights that every individual deserves, regardless of their sexual orientation. Mauritius, although small, has shown the world that justice, equality, and human rights transcend borders and ages.

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Every nation must recognize and respect diversity and inclusion, thereby affirming the dignity and value of every human being. This decision is a crucial step towards a world where love, freedom, and equality are realities experienced by all.

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