Reviving LGBTQ+ Spaces in Colorado Springs

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Reviving LGBTQ+ Spaces in Colorado Springs : Community Effort and Gloria Estefan’s Support

Reviving LGBTQ+ Spaces in Colorado Springs

In the heart of Colorado Springs, a city with half a million souls, the LGBTQ+ community faced a stark reality: the loss of its cherished social spaces. Within the span of two years, the vibrant colors of the rainbow seemed to fade into the background, leaving a void where laughter and unity once flourished. This narrative, however, is not one of defeat but of resilience and hope.

The Heart of the City : The Loss of LGBTQ+ Spaces

“This city lost both of its LGBTQ+ spaces in the last two years. Now the community is rallying. In Colorado Springs, months have passed now without a dedicated social space for LGBTQ+ people. That’s about to change, with a little help from the community… and Gloria Estefan.”

Community’s Response : Rallying After the Loss

The shuttering of Icons bar, following a devastating fire and the earlier heartbreak of the Club Q shooting, could have been the final straw. Instead, it sparked a remarkable mobilization within the community and beyond. Owners Josh Franklin and John Wolfe, with unwavering determination, turned to the public, initiating a GoFundMe campaign to breathe life into a new venue.

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The Icons Bar Saga : A New Beginning

The quest for a new home was met with challenges, notably the daunting financial requirement of over $300,000 for a new build-out. Yet, the response was swift and supportive, illustrating the collective desire to reclaim and rebuild the lost sanctuary.

Gloria Estefan’s Role : A Significant Contribution

Among the chorus of supporters, one voice stood out—Gloria Estefan. Her generous donation of $1,000 not only underscored the importance of the cause but also brought widespread attention to the fundraiser, proving the power of solidarity.

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The Importance of Safe Spaces : Colorado Springs Without a Gay Bar

Franklin’s words to CBS 11 News resonated deeply, highlighting the critical need for LGBTQ+ spaces in fostering a supportive and safe community. The absence of such venues sends a concerning message, one that the community and its allies refuse to accept.

Community Support : Social Media Reactions

The enthusiasm and support for Icons’ rebirth were palpable on social media, with residents and newcomers alike expressing excitement and commitment to the project. This digital rally point served as a beacon of hope, showcasing the strength and vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs.

Future Perspectives : Club Q’s Reopening Plans

While the loss experienced by Club Q remains a profound tragedy, the announcement of its plans to reopen as The Q brings a ray of hope. This future space promises not only a tribute to the lives lost but also a steadfast commitment to resilience and unity.

To finish this article

The journey of the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs, marked by loss and revival, mirrors the broader struggle for acceptance and safety. Through the collective efforts of individuals like Franklin and Wolfe, and the support of allies including Gloria Estefan, the community is not just dreaming of a brighter tomorrow—it’s building it.


  1. What led to the closure of the LGBTQ+ spaces in Colorado Springs ?
    • The Club Q shooting and a devastating fire at Icons bar resulted in the loss of both LGBTQ+ spaces in the city.
  2. How is the community responding to the loss of these spaces ?
    • The community, along with owners Josh Franklin and John Wolfe, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to fund the opening of a new LGBTQ+ space.
  3. What role did Gloria Estefan play in the fundraising efforts ?
    • Gloria Estefan contributed $1,000 to the GoFundMe campaign, highlighting the cause and demonstrating significant support.
  4. Why are LGBTQ+ safe spaces important to the community in Colorado Springs ?
    • Safe spaces offer a supportive and secure environment for the LGBTQ+ community, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  5. What future plans are in place for the revival of LGBTQ+ spaces in the city ?
    • Icons bar is planning to reopen in a new location, and Club Q announced its plans to reopen as The Q, signaling a hopeful future for LGBTQ+ social spaces in Colorado Springs.
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