Disney’s ‘X-Men ’97’ Introduces Nonbinary Hero Amid Criticism

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Disney’s ‘X-Men ’97’ Introduces Nonbinary Hero Amid Criticism

Introduction of a Nonbinary Character Sparks Debate

Disney+’s reboot of the iconic ’90s cartoon, “X-Men ’97,” includes a nonbinary character, leading to a split reaction from the audience. Conservative viewers and a segment of the fan base have voiced their disapproval on social media, criticizing what they perceive as the show’s embrace of modern progressive values.

Showrunner Reveals Nonbinary Character

Beau DeMayo, the showrunner for “X-Men ’97,” disclosed in Empire magazine that Morph, known for his shapeshifting abilities from the original series, will be portrayed as nonbinary. This decision aims to provide a fresh perspective on the character, emphasizing a supportive relationship with Wolverine.

Original Cast Returns with New Voices

Set to debut on Disney+ on March 20, the show will feature the majority of the original voice cast. However, Morph will be voiced by J.P. Karliak, an LGBTQ+ actor and comedian, marking a significant change from the original series.

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Fan and Critic Reactions

While the move has been met with backlash from some quarters, accusing the series of succumbing to “Disney wokeness,” others defend the franchise’s history of addressing themes of marginalization and inclusion. The introduction of a nonbinary character is seen by many as a natural progression of the X-Men’s storytelling.

Industry and Fan Support for Diversity

Despite criticism, many in the X-Men fan community and industry professionals have rallied in support of the show’s inclusive casting. J.P. Karliak responded to the backlash, highlighting the importance of representation for gender nonconforming individuals and reaffirming the X-Men’s longstanding commitment to diversity.

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“X-Men ’97” promises to continue the franchise’s legacy of exploring complex themes through the lens of superhero narratives, challenging viewers to reconsider their perspectives on identity and acceptance.


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