“Entre Amigxs”: A Tribute to Mexico City’s Trans Community

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“Entre Amigxs”: A Tribute to Mexico City’s Trans Community

“Entre Amigxs,” a cinematic homage to the transgender community in Mexico City, encapsulates “T4T” – a concept where transgender individuals converse directly from the heart, liberated from the necessity of being interpretable to cisgender society. This series is dedicated to sharing stories that highlight our joy, pleasure, rage, resilience, eccentricities, dreams, and love. Every thought or experience, no matter how unique or unusual, is valued here.

The film, a montage featuring Super 8, 16 mm film, and camcorder footage, delves into the lives of queer and trans artists in Mexico City as they carve their niche outside of mainstream culture.

The Genesis of “Entre Amigxs”

To create the film, Robert and I connected with various queer and trans artists on Instagram, inviting them to join our venture. This project was more than filmmaking; it was a means to intimately engage with admired individuals in a new city. We adopted an experiential production method, hoping to capture the magical essence of our time with Diego. This method reflected our own perceptions of being “in progress,” exploring whether our curiosity and dedication to the discovery process were enough to shape the film.

Angel’s Insights on Friendship and Identity

Angel, 26, a poet and artist, redefines friendship as a mutual exchange of visions and love for life. They recount their journey of understanding gender and queerness, emphasizing personal autonomy over societal constructs.

Julié Fuentes: A Model’s View on Friends and Identity

Julié Fuentes, 23, a fashion model from Mexico City, regards her friends as an integral part of her life, assuming roles of psychologists, teachers, judges, and most significantly, family. She shares her dual perspective on navigating the streets, balancing feelings of insecurity with the exhilaration of visibility.

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Natan de Jesus: Finding Joy in Artistic Expression

Natan de Jesus, 22, an artist, model, and designer, finds joy in his creative work, appreciating the growing recognition of queer artists in the creative sphere. His experiences on the streets are akin to a primal survival instinct, navigating a world that often feels challenging.

Torina Moreno (Perdid): Music and Gender Identity

Torina Moreno, 26, known professionally as Perdid, a music producer and DJ, weaves her musical creations with her gender identity. Her journey reflects the subtle yet profound influence of her identity on her artistic endeavors.

Suir BM: Extravagance and Freedom in Fashion

Suir BM, 33, a drag performer, model, and artist, describes his style as a fusion of extravagance and liberation. He discovers freedom in his expression, merging masculine and feminine fashion elements, drawing inspiration and strength from his idols.

“Entre Amigxs”: A Cinematic Journey by Robert Nachman and Lío Mehiel

“Entre Amigxs” is a short documentary/fashion film co-directed by Robert Nachman and Lío Mehiel, produced by Voyeur Productions,

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